Data Center Migration & Management

Data Center Migration Is Our Business

DCMWORKS Has The Experience You Need For A Successful Data Center Migration

Most IT departments are lean and lacking the resources to perform the critical tasks of preparing, planning and executing a comprehensive data center migration.
DCMWORKS has executed hundreds of data center migrations, so rather than assign your move as a once-in-a-career project to your internal IT department, leave it to the experts. Not only will you have a pain-free migration, but upon completion of the move you will gain improved documentation and better overall data center management whether you are moving to a newly built data center, co-location facility or a private cloud solution.

  • Data Center Migration

    DCMWORKS migration process is a collaborative approach. The core project team will include members from network, server, storage, application and facility departments. Through a series of workshops and detailed planning sessions, DCMWORKS leads the discovery, planning, design, relocate & occupy, and decommissioning phases of a data center migration.

  • Data Center Migration Assessment & Roadmap

    DCMWORKS provides a highly detailed data center migration assessment – a blueprint of the costs, time and risk associated with your data center migration customized to your organization’s specific needs. This roadmap will help you avoid the pitfalls associated with data center migrations that are often overlooked when a company’s internal team plans a migration. Let our experience keep your migration on time and on budget.

  • Precision Data Center Management Software

    DCMWORKS custom-built Precision application consolidates and documents inventory, applications, power, rack space, and cabling into one intelligent database that links the dependencies among all of the systems and services they utilize. Precision is used in DCMWORKS’ data center migration planning and is also available as a standalone data center management tool.

  • Data Center Infrastructure
    Management (DCIM)

    DCMWORKS’ DCIM practice provides implementation services for several third party DCIM solutions. DCIM software provides management of critical assets within the data center to ensure that up-to-date reporting, modeling, and analysis is achievable. DCIM software focuses primarily on the physical assets within the data center, which includes IT equipment, racks, full power chain, cabling, and connectivity. Our team performs audits, analysis, integrations, and turnkey implementations.

  • Data Center Disaster Recovery

    Our data center disaster recovery consulting includes workshops led by DCMWORKS experts in each of the respective disciplines with key stakeholders from the client’s organization. The workshops are documented and provide the level of risk, cost and duration for each disaster remediation task. DCMWORKS is also available for hire to manage an entity’s entire disaster recovery process.

  • Data Center Management Vendor Solutions

    DCMWORKS has developed strategic partnerships with best-of-breed technologies in the IT infrastructure and data center management space. Deploying the right technology at the right time can lower both implementation costs, and improve overall IT operations in the new environment. Ongoing support and management upon the completion of a new office build, data center relocation, or infrastructure upgrade is key to realizing the maximum return on investment.

  • Active Directory Infrastructure Assessment

    A DCMWORKS assessment of an AD architecture leads to increased efficiency and substantial cost savings. We recommend modifications to the original Active Directory setup to remedy inefficiencies, provide risk versus reward analyses for implementing upgrades, and a list of updates to address the current needs of the organization.

  • Server

    A DCMWORKS server assessment leads to major cost savings, increased efficiency and the identification of unprotected systems. While servers can run for years without attention, the back end technology provided by the servers needs regular maintenance on the installed software and occasional maintenance on the hardware itself.

  • VMWare

    A DCMWORKS VMWare assessment can lead to major cost savings. We find the bottlenecks and rebalance resources while finding unused or hidden guests, disks, and virtual switches. Recommendations for software updates and both software and hardware upgrades also often lead to reduced costs in the long run.

  • About

    The DCMWORKS team brings decades of experience managing storage, networks, applications, and mission critical facilities. This unique blend of experience gives us the knowledge to understand business requirements as well as the IT systems and processes needed to meet data center uptime and availability criteria.