Data Center Migration & Management

Data Center Management Solutions

We Implement The Solutions To Help You Better Manage Your Data Center

Deploying the right technology at the right time can lower both implementation costs and improve overall IT operations in the new environment.

DCMWORKS’ IT consulting practice has developed strategic partnerships with best-of-breed technologies in the IT infrastructure and data center management space. Our partnerships allow us to implement and recommend solutions that help our clients manage their technology and data center in a more efficient manner.

We also offer ongoing support and management upon the completion of a new office build, data center relocation, or infrastructure upgrade to help you maximize the return on investment of your DCIM software.

DCIM provides a centralized view of your IT and facility operations. It aggregates, analyzes, and visualizes the infrastructure data at the heart of your data center, turning it into understandable and actionable information. By aggregating and “unlocking” the data within your infrastructure, DCIM provides the critical real-time insight you need to instantly understand and optimize your environment.

With hardware and software intelligence and a web-based dashboard, imVision enables users to monitor and document their cabling infrastructure, and track the location of all connected networked devices in real time.


Precision is a migration planning and data center management tool developed by DCMWORKS. Most companies do not have complete documentation of their applications and associated dependencies. Precision serves as an intelligent database that documents application, network, storage, service and personnel dependencies identified during data center migration planning.