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Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software has become an incredibly valuable tool to help solve ongoing management...

Data Center Management Vendor Solutions

Deploying the right technology at the right time can lower both implementation costs and improve overall IT operations in the new...

Data Center Migration Steps Assessment & Road Map

DCMWORKS provides a highly detailed data center migration assessment and roadmap � a blueprint of the costs, time, and risk associated...

Data Center Migration Plan

Most IT departments are lean and lack the resources to perform the critical tasks of preparing, planning, and executing a comprehensive data

Infrastructure Data Center Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery rarely gets the focus it deserves until the unthinkable happens – an outage. No matter how big or how small, an unplanned...

Data Center Management Software

Precision is DCMWORKS’ proprietary data center management application that documents data center support structures for data...

Active Directory (AD) Infrastructure Assessment

Many companies and organizations have standardized their environment using Microsoft’s Active Directory as the primary authentication...

Server Vulnerability Assessment

An assessment of servers that have been in place for some time leads to major cost savings for our clients. We recommend modifications to the original set up to remedy...

VMWARE Assessment

An assessment of VM host servers can lead to major cost savings. We find bottlenecks and rebalance resources while finding unused or hidden guests, disks, and virtual switches.
Smooth, cost-effective migrations

Let DCMWORKS' experience keep your migration on time and on budget.

DCMWORKS provides a highly detailed data center migration assessment – a blueprint of the costs, time and risk associated with your data center migration customized to your organization’s specific needs. This roadmap will help you avoid the pitfalls associated with data center migrations that are often overlooked when a company’s internal team plans a migration.

  • Discovery, planning, design, relocate & occupy, and decommission
  • Highly detailed data center assessment and roadmap
  • Precision data center management software
  • Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software
  • Data center disaster recovery program
  • Data center management solutions
  • Strategic partnerships with best-of-breed IT infrastructure technologies
  • Ongoing support and management post data-center migration
  • Active Directory (AD) infrastructure assessment
  • Server assessment to uncover inefficiencies and identify risk
  • Risk versus reward analyses for implementing upgrades
  • VMWare assessment to identify bottlenecks & rebalance resources
  • Consolidated documentation of inventory, applications, database, storage, power, rack space, and cabling data into one database
  • Proprietary data migration management software
  • Continued data center management software - free post migration
  • 24x7x365 follow the sun support, including holidays

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