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Don't Become A Retail Business Statistic

It seems there is no shortage of names in this space that come to mind when you think of security- and not necessarily for good reason.

Some of the most well-known brands of retail have graced headlining news for their data breaches, and the statistics on widespread cyber-attacks are staggering.

When considering how to best protect cyber retail infrastructure, there are many unique factors of this industry that make it less than straightforward. For instance, retail is notorious for constant change management within its user population: otherwise known as high turnover. This continuous granting and revoking of access can leave organizations vulnerable if not accurately assessed and addressed in a timely manner.

The user roles themselves can also be dynamic: part-time workers are commonplace, seasonal employees are in flux around holidays, and contractors and supply chain vendors may need access to certain critical systems. All of these roles, coupled with frequent changes, creates a necessity for thorough entitlements. Furthermore, compliance standards can be difficult to manage. Whether its physical locations or an online presence that spans geographies, companies are required to adhere to regional regulations in addition to those of their headquarters.


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Consumer Products & Retail

In trying to undertake security projects to address these factors, due to their complexity, it’s not uncommon to face obstacles such as:

Investing heavily in a variety of products that span a wide scope but don’t necessarily integrate well together or solve underlying issues

Having limited resources to dedicate the proper time to building out roles for true efficiency and scalability within lifecycle management

Not realizing where sensitive customer data resides or what to do with it to ensure consistent compliance standards across geographies

Consumer Products & Retail

Roadmaps To Success

Setting aside the hefty fines incurred from retail peers for their security mistakes, the greatest potential loss is one that cannot be put in monetary standards in this industry- brand reputation. And with competition more fierce than ever thanks to the availability of the internet, turning information security into a core competency is a core business necessity to long term success.

At IDMWORKS, we don’t just understand this. We embody it with every outline, recommendation, and deliverable in our engagement. By acknowledging that you’re not just trusting us with your information security needs but also your brand’s reputation, we can ensure the roadmap to success centers around that critical aspect and isn’t compromised at any part throughout your project engagement. We focus on critical efficiencies that your business relies on, such as rapid employee onboarding to prevent influence to your business’s bottom line from employee downtime or a bogged down IT department from ticket requests. Equally as important is the prompt revoking of that access at the conclusion of holiday seasons that could leave behind vulnerabilities that conflict with compliance standards.

Our Team Of Retail Industry Experts can:

Create Efficiencies
Create efficiencies across the entire identity access management functionality of your entire user population
Improve User Experience
Ensure a consistent and secure user experience across the entire omnichannel of devices (computers, cell phones, tablets)
Achieve and Maintain Regulatory Compliance
Maintain compliance posture for any and all applicable regulatory jurisdictions

IAM Retail Industry Stuff Is What We Do Well

By ensuring your information is safeguarded and lifecycle management is built for scale, we help to protect the longevity of your brand and let you focus on continuing to provide exceptional products to your customers.

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