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Common Educational IAM Issues

In the spirit of education, the security processes for this industry can be summed up by the great Heraclitus, “The only thing that is constant is change.”

If nothing else, change management in the realm of the education industry is enough to make IT teams squeamish. As a simple baseline, organizations face hundreds to thousands of students leaving each spring, starting each fall, changing at the end of the year, and converting to alumni every few years. Layered on top of that are unique roles requiring dynamic access, such as adjunct professors that service multiple districts or individuals that are both a professor and department head.

To further complicate matters, user populations are often split between multiple sources of truth- often spread between multiple systems based on affiliations such as being a student, faculty member, or athlete- making it abundantly difficult to have a comprehensive view of user access. Even with disparate systems, programs must be able to produce timely access to students for educational purposes, and there is an expectation that it be accessible via a multitude of bring your own devices (BYOD’s).

Now more than ever, technology is being integrated into the educational system, prompting organizations to further shift their focus to the ease and security of the user experience. All of those complexities are SOLELY related to change and access management. It’s easy to see how administrative processes could quickly become daunting and hinder efficiency.

Given the sensitive nature of the information collected by educational organizations, government regulations tend to be stringent, so comprehensive compliance protocols are necessary.


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When looking to initiate projects that are capable of thoroughly managing all components, IT teams often struggle to simultaneously accomplish the following goals:

Adopt technology that will not only enhance efficiencies for internal users but will create a simple user experience for the varying age groups of external users

Create central visibility amongst siloed systems of data

Implement consistent policies across really diversified user populations that enhance security posture to meet regulatory compliance


How to Improve University IAM Systems

Despite the continuous strain of mass change amid the expectation of efficiency and compliance maintenance, it’s possible to create a sustainable environment that can scale to meet increased demand without creating an influx of work for your team- all the while augmenting rather than compromising security standards.

IDMWORKS specializes in taking operational hardships and turning them into competitive competencies, particularly for industries like education that have unique and difficult to solve use cases. Capitalizing on your existing resources and filling gaps where necessary, we can automate the tedious processes that overwhelm your IT team and provide centralized visibility via a focal platform. For end-users, we have the expertise to ensure that they can safely access necessary applications from any device in an efficient and easy-to-use interface.

Our Team Of Experts Can Help You Educational Organization To:

Maintain Security
Maintain security posture despite mass changes in access
Streamline Processes
Streamline lifecycle management to alleviate the heavy burden on IT
Enable Access Management
Enable access management solutions that give users the ability to access their applications from any device, anywhere with the confidence of enhanced security

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By choosing IDMWORKS as your partner through your information security journey, you can transform your organization’s burdensome inefficiencies into a modern, streamlined security foundation adept to scale to accommodate any challenges that arise. Chuck Palahniuk says it best, “Our real discoveries come from chaos.”

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