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IDMWORKS Knows That The Stakes Are High In The Technology Industry

The stakes for proper information security standards could not be higher than those for technology-centric companies (A.K.A most companies). Whether it’s the potential for reputational damage or the risk of compromised customer data, the tech industry is expected to be the model for good security hygiene and compliance posture.

And while these organizations are usually full of technologically adept professionals, the realm of IT security can still be a complex puzzle to solve, and it risks sacrificing time and focus towards core business projects.

Technology companies are unique in that they don’t merely house consumer data like other industries.

They’re often responsible for critical applications for their clients, relied upon to host systems, or provide processes necessary for daily business function.

This creates an environment where vulnerabilities would not only put high priority information at risk, but it could potentially expose customers to cyber-attacks via gaps in their own environment. In fact, we’ve seen this happen with high profile technology providers. For this reason, many customers now require their vendors to provide risk assessments to prove their safety and compliance, and businesses that offer their technology products in different geographies are required to adhere to the regulations of those regions.


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Still, the burden of undertaking security projects can present the following challenges:

Internal resources are taken away from business projects that could be building the business’s core competencies and product offerings

The industry is comprised of tech-savvy individuals with the confidence but not necessarily the skillset to do it themselves, often committing to a much bigger undertaking than anticipated and tying up valuable resources

Determining regulatory requirements, finding/classifying applicable data, and establishing compliance controls can be complex


What's The True Price You Pay

While your team is likely very capable, is the cost of time and resources worth the opportunity cost to what they could be contributing towards other internal projects?

IDMWORKS understands that technology requires an information security strategy that is modernized in its ability to complement the large-scale innovation of the industry while also being agile enough to accommodate the pace of transformation and business adaptation. It should encourage better collaboration across the enterprise while simplifying cybersecurity practices. And since every end-user experience is a reflection of the organization’s business aptitude, those processes should be sleek in appearance and function.

Our Team Of Energy Sector Experts can:

Speed Up Projects
Expedite the time to value by utilizing our resources to stand up your programs quickly and deploy in an efficient manner that fits best with your prioritized needs
Improve compliance
Improve compliance posture to meet the demands of regulators and provide customers with confidence- driving continued loyalty and brand protection
Create a Strategy
Create a cybersecurity strategy that further enables the success of your business technology competencies
Enhance Efficiency
Help you to enhance your operational IT efficiency which will then allow you to feed time back into the business

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