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IDMWORKS Knows That The Stakes Are High In The Healthcare Industry

Besides being one of the most heavily regulated industries and most reliant on complex legacy software, healthcare faces a unique and compelling responsibility: compromised security or tedious inefficiencies can cost a higher toll than any other industry- human life.

Still, it leads in hacking attempts and data breaches, in large part because PHI secures ten times the price tag of financial data on the black market

To add to the necessity are trademark operational qualities of healthcare organizations such as a propensity for frequent changes to their IT ecosystem through mergers/acquisitions as well as a unique workforce of employees with sophisticated user requirements.

Take, for example, traveling nurses or practice providers that use the facilities to conduct occasional surgeries. Not only are there complexities with physical access, but roles can be difficult to govern, as well. One common example is a practicing physician who is also a department head. Without proper administrative safeguards, these factors can make security protocols very complex to manage and the organizational risk burdensome to keep compliant.


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It can be a lot more integrative than merely putting effective controls around user populations, however, and organizations often struggle with:

Technology management, given the industry as a whole often lags around a decade behind in adoption

Connecting and incorporating legacy on-premise software with newer applications that are likely cloud-driven

Tracking and managing critical assets and data repositories

Determining the best methods for advanced authentication, both physical and virtual user access reviews, and third-party vendor management


What's The True Price You Pay

With healthcare organizations literally overflowing with personally identifiable information (PII)- from Electronic Health Records (EHRs) to physical data found on patient charts- taking control of your security processes is not just essential for maintaining compliance posture, but it’s also imperative for consumer trust in your organization.

When choosing a partner to partake in this journey with you, we understand it takes more than merely experience with technology implementation. Healthcare providers need and deserve a partner with vast experience not just successfully guiding others in the industry through IT modernization, but one that also understands the importance of compliance and puts security at the forefront of decision making; not just protecting consumers and their data, but also safeguarding healthcare’s most valuable resource- its people. IDMWORKS has the expertise to build a manageable roadmap and ensure proper measures are deployed to secure your entire environment.

Our Team Of Healthcare Sector Experts can:

Increase Efficiency of Hybrid Environments
Create and maintain effective controls across the entire hybrid environment and multi-faceted user population
Improve Compliance
Assess and manage critical regulatory requirements while also ensuring your IT structure adheres to best practice security frameworks such as Zero Trust
Maintain Balance
Maintain a delicate balance between stringent controls and streamlined clinical/operation workflow for efficiency

In an industry where inefficiencies can jeopardize lives and hefty fines for noncompliance threaten to cripple an organization, let IDMWORKS turn your risk into empowerment.

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