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IDMWORKS Can Help You Manage Cyber Risk in the Energy & Utilities Sector

With mounting environmental expectations and increased concern over security measures, not to mention the rise of new competitive offerings, energy and utility organizations are facing an era of a massive revolution.

Consumers now expect cleaner energy, more efficient utilities, and seamless user experience with complete safeguarding of their valuable credentials.

Furthermore, governmental regulations such as FERC and NERC CIP have become more stringent to echo these expectations. In order to adapt to these growing demands and maintain a competitive advantage, organizations must shift their focus to modernizing processes to enhance overall efficiencies and scalability.

This responsibility falls into the laps of the information security teams who are now responsible for meeting these increased demands internally.

They can face challenges when trying to adopt business transformation and compliance requirements such as:

Figuring out how to interpret and solve complex regulatory policies that dictate the management of users and data

Articulating the necessity of incorporating cyber risk as a core business function to executive leadership

Creating true efficiencies within the IT security environment without adding complications with applications that can’t connect or technology that isn’t equipped to scale


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Energy & Utilities

What's The True Price You Pay

IDMWORKS can empower your journey of building a comprehensive and fully integrated security environment by creating efficiencies that are capable of scale and a compliance posture that offers confidence to your users that their valuable assets are protected.

Our experts have years of experience navigating the complexities of this industry and transforming the heavy regulatory pressures into competitive competencies. We understand that the ability to maintain a reputation as a reliable provider is a product of comprehensive security standards and supporting technologies that are agile enough to scale with growing demands without compromise.

Equally as important are the implementation and deployment processes; ensuring that strategies revolve around your organization’s unique resources and are capable of producing timely return on investment.

Our Team Of Energy Sector Experts can:

Determine Gaps or Vulnerabilities
Perform a thorough analysis to determine any gaps or vulnerabilities that may be putting your security environment at risk
Automate Complex Environments
Create an automated and integrated environment to capitalize on efficiencies to drive business value in a competitive market
Establish Modern Frameworks
Establish appropriate levels of control around user access to meet the standards of modern frameworks and comply with regulatory requirements

By entrusting us to put our energy towards your security initiatives, your organization is free to continue putting forth your resources towards energy for our communities.

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