Seamless Integration for EHR Governance with NetIQ Webinar

IDMWORKS and NetIQ recently co-sponsored the healthcare technology webinar “Seamless Integration for EHR Governance with NetIQ.” In case you missed it, here are the highlights from IDMWORKS CTO Chad Cromwell’s presentation:

Why Has Identity Management Become a Priority for Healthcare Organizations?

  1. Regulations: HIPPA privacy and other security statutes require more audit requirements and an increase in users that are required to access multiple systems. This is driving the need to streamline the user provisioning process.
  2. Automation: Automating the provisioning increases the efficiency, improves service and decreases the security administration to perform these time consuming tasks.

Meaningful Use and API Proliferation

Meaningful Use is a standard approach of certified electronic health record (EHR) technology to improve quality, safety, and efficiency, to thereby reduce health record disparities or discrepancies.

The end result is to engage patients and their family members to improve care coordination. This will ultimately improve our public health system for the entire population.

Patient Engagement Provisions

The newest guidelines contain a few changes to the patient engagement provisions. The guidelines are as follows:

  1. A provision that would allow APIs to be used in place of patient portals to give patients access to their own data. This has provided another set of requirements which allows for secure messaging and patient generated data.
  2. CMS (Center for Medicaid) has created standards for APIs, which will apply to those created by the EHR

Vendor, like Allscripts and Epic. Many of these have already been released but some are produced by a third party.

These guidelines also lay out potential benefits to an API Approach. Regardless of your vendor these APIs must be continually certified and proven competent, or must be removed for the environment and replaced with a solution that meets that standard.

What Does This Mean for IDM & Governance Vendors?

Vendors must focus on their core offering and move toward a value and expertise approach, and then partner with other vendors outside of their core competencies. This approach allows for a system of checks and balances across the client’s broader environment and can in many cases save the client millions in regulatory fees and fines.

IDMWORKS IdentityForge Healthcare Solutions

IdentityForge healthcare software products use a standardized integration architecture for seamless and simple integration for ALL identity and platform management systems. Our simple deployment means days – not weeks or months like other options. No extra coding is involved which gives you a faster time-to-value for future technology adoption.

If you have an LDAP adapter (LDAPv3 Protocol) or an LDAP provisioning agent you can use that with our products seamlessly as well as SCIM (SCIM JSON Protocol) and HL7 (HL7 & MLLP).

Several business units at one company can leverage our software across a variety of technology boundaries and in standard fashion so that they never lose their initial investment. There is no need for separate connectors or software for different sites or locals, you can just use the same license no matter what vendor you use.

For more details, view our Seamless Integration for EHR Governance with NetIQ Webinar Replay or contact us today!