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WRESTLING with your IAM challenges? Come by IDMWORKS Booth 119 at Identiverse and we’ll help you find WORLD CHAMPION solutions!

IDMWORKS is a diamond sponsor of Identiverse in Boston next week and we hope to see you there. If you’re attending the conference, or will be in the area, let’s schedule a quick meeting to discuss your Identity & Access Management needs. Set Up A Meeting.Now

IDMWORKS Speaking Sessions

Monday, June 25: Room 304, 2:35–3:00 pm

Best Practices for IAM Assessments, Blueprints & Roadmaps

Todd Rossin, CEO/Chief Strategist, IDMWORKS

Organizations process and store huge volumes of sensitive information that belong to their customers and employees – from financial information to medical records to personal identifiers, like social security numbers and birthdates.

Inadequate controls in IAM processes and technology can lead to breach, involuntary exposure of this data, and non-compliance issues. But you cannot correct what you don’t know, so the first step in any IAM program is Assessment.

IDMWORKS will address the most common questions around IAM Assessments & Roadmaps – Why Should We Assess? What Should We Assess? and When Should We Reassess?

Monday, June 25: Room 304, 3:10–3:35 pm

Similarity Cracks the code on Black Box AI with Explainable Machine Learning in Identity Management

David Jakopac,Chief Customer Officer and Data Scientist, simMachines

Imagine it’s January in Chicago and you have a meeting at 9:00 am downtown and when you turn the ignition to start your car the “Check Engine” light comes on. A series of questions comes to mind: Why? Where is the problem? How urgent is the problem? What needs to be fixed? and How much time do I have? Wouldn’t it be great if your car console could tell you if the car is safe to drive and what the problem was? This is exactly what Explainable Machine Learning does. It explains the “Why.” In Identity Management there are many “Check Engine” light moments, such as identity anomaly detection, account vulnerability detection, identity reconciliation, access rule/role rationalization, GDPR transparency, stack overflows, and many others that can be resolved with similarity and explainable ML. Identity Management with Explainable AI gives organizations a lens to classify and identify their IDM challenges.

Tuesday, June 26: Room 306, 9:30–9:55 am

Stop Wrestling With Your Identity Management

Sean Harris, VP, IDMWORKS

For more than two decades, organizations have been wrestling with Identity Management. The ever-changing landscape of requirements, identity providers, and product features and functions only complicate the issue. By understanding some basic realities and then making clear decisions, it is possible to streamline your identity management plans and stop wrestling with the challenges created by the tools meant to simplify your identity program.

Tuesday, June 26: Room 306, 10:05–10:30 am

What You Need To Know To Make Your IAM Program A Success: Lessons Learned From The Field


After 650+ IAM engagements, IDMWORKS has compiled what organizations need to know before, during and after implementing an IAM program. We polled our 150 IAM engineers, architects, and PMs to draw from what they see on the job every day and boiled that down to a series of lessons learned. Every organization in any stage of IAM maturity will find value in these highly-accessible, technical jargon-less, universal rules-to-live-by to make your IAM program successful.

Tuesday, June 26: Room 306, 10:40–11:05 am
Seamless Migration from Legacy IAM System

Todd Rossin, CEO/Chief Strategist, IDMWORKS

As legacy IAM solutions persist in the market there is a lot of anxiety among customers as to whether their current IAM tools are, or will remain, sustainable. The biggest question that arises is how to migrate from the current, legacy, vendor solution into a new, modern, vendor solution. In order to do this we must have a plan and a proper strategy.

Tuesday, June 26: Room 306, 2:30–3:20 pm
Managed Services: Hosting vs. Support


IDMWORKS will highlight the differences, advantages, pitfalls and financials between On-Prem Managed Support, Hosted Private Cloud & Data Center, Public Cloud Hosting (i.e. AWS, MS Azure and others) and Hybrid Public/Private Hosting offerings

Tuesday, June 26: Room 306, 3:30–4:20 pm
Controlling Your Non-Employee Identities

Todd Rossin, CEO/Chief Strategist, IDMWORKS

Inadequate control of non-employee identities can lead to the exposure of personal identifiers or financial information, which can result in identity theft and credit card fraud. IDMWORKS CEO, Todd Rossin, discusses how to lock down your data and applications while providing the necessary access to non-employees.

Tuesday, June 26: Room 306, 4:30–5:20 pm
3 Steps for Designing a Cloud IAM Blueprint

Todd Rossin, CEO/Chief Strategist, IDMWORKS

Organizations have a growing need to move applications to the cloud, but the enterprise has considerations that need to be taken into account before, during and after making the move.

Successful migrations to the cloud require proper planning and analysis to determine which applications should be moved, the right cloud provider, and the best pricing model, whether you’re considering public, private or hybrid cloud.

We’ll discuss moving to the cloud and what to do, what not to do and how to leverage the power of identity in the process.