Getting The Most Out Of Your Aveksa/IMG investment

Are you maximizing your Aveksa/IMG investment by extending it to your most important compliance applications and providing automated provisioning and real-time data?

Using RACF as an example, the current Aveksa/IMG connector provides RACF data using a File and FTP approach, which can be a slow and arduous and does not provide provisioning capabilities. We recognized that some organizations need a more robust RACF integration for Aveksa/IMG so we developed connectors for integration with provisioning capabilities like:

Our solution leverages Aveksa’s included LDAP Adapter for easy of deployment by an organization’s engineers without them having to learn yet another new technology. Our gateway (LDAP & SCIM protocol, interface) for the mainframe (and many other targets) helps automate provisioning, and provides real-time or near-real time reconciliation and attestation data to enhance and improve IDM initiatives with Aveksa/IMG.

Installing and deploying only takes minutes and leverages standards where appropriate. For example, our gateway is pure-Java and only requires a JVM, and our mainframe agents utilize standard native z/OS functionality and configurations to provide the best possible solution and to help alleviate administration overhead.

Because we leverage standard protocols (LDAP & SCIM), we provide an open, vendor-neutral gateway for bi-directionally data translations between the RSA/Aveksa and over 40 platform integrations, like IBM Mainframe Security Managers, HP NonStop, and ServiceNow.

Questions, comments or concerns? Feel free to reach out to us below, or email us at IDMWORKS to learn more about how you can protect your organization and customers.

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