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Many businesses assume that the only option for identity management is to delegate it to the in-house team, but that’s far from the truth. Hosted Managed services provide expert support and service for your Identity stack, so you can focus on what your business does best. The business benefits of managed services in combination with the money you can save make it a smart solution for companies of any size.

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Accessing a scalable, global third-party delivery infrastructure on a pay-per-use basis

With IDMWORKS' Managed Services Offering, you get

Market-leading Technologies and

Access to cutting-edge thinking, methodologies, and technology. We’ve Managed It All.


Continuous Improvement

A relentless focus on continuous improvement of operational and business processes.



Flexible service models and scalable infrastructure, which make it easy to respond to change.


Execution Excellence

Specialist resource to deliver best-in-class service for the long term.


Advisory Expertise

Continuous access to advisory expertise to solve complex business problems.


Deep industry and Sector Insight

Application of cross-industry, cross-sector specialist knowledge to improve solutions.

These services take the pressure off your internal team, freeing them up to assist your employees and perform daily tasks with better efficiency and focus.


Break-fix services ruled the market for decades. When businesses experienced a problem with an identity stack, they would call up an IAM expert and try to explain the issue. If they were lucky, a solution could be found quickly. If they weren’t, they would be stuck with expensive repairs and downtime. This type of reactive service is known as the break-fix approach.

Managed services, on the other hand, offer constant and consistent monitoring of your systems with the goal of preventing failures wherever possible. Remote monitoring means your service provider can always see what’s going on and fix it directly.

The pros and cons of managed services make it clear that partnering with an MSP is the best way to simplify your IT management affordably.

Predictable Low Cost

Can managed services cut down cost? The answer is yes. It can also make your IT expenses more predictable. With managed services, your costs are neatly packaged into a set amount paid on an annual or monthly basis. An in-house identity team, on the other hand, comes with many more frequent and unexpected expenses that can quickly drain your budget.


You may spend months — even years — deploying massive systems. Many organizations are finding it more effective to start small, move fast and expand as needed. IDMWORKS' modular approach to managed services makes it easy for enterprises to scale up or down depending on demand, such as a retailer increasing capacity around the holidays, or a startup experiencing sudden growth.

Managed hosting

Rather than spending the time and money building an entire data center, organizations can turn to IDMWORKS to host servers, storage, networks, or other infrastructure in one of its Tier 3 data centers. Clients can access the resources they need while their infrastructures are managed by expert engineers.

24/7 availability

The 9-to-5 workday is as outdated today as the phone booth. When users work around the clock, so must the identity stack. With a managed services provider, help is always available — days, nights, weekends or holidays — to support users.
Support, deployment, and integration of complex enterprise-wide Identity and Access Management solutions

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