IAM Assessment Roadmap

An IDMWORKS IAM Assessment & Roadmap Will Lead You To Better Identity & Access Management and Stronger Security

The IDMWORKS Assessment & Roadmap is a blueprint that focuses on a practical, structured and coherent approach to the management of users’ identities and their access to systems and data. Our roadmap will ensure the right people get access to the right resources at the right times for the right reasons.
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IAM Assessment & Roadmap Process

Over the past 16 years, across more than 2200 successful IAM projects, IDMWORKS has developed an analyst-recognized best practice approach to assessing an organization’s current IAM program and developing a roadmap to achieve an ideal IAM state.

Assess & Validate Current State

IDMWORKS interviews stakeholders, business owners, application owners and information security personnel to determine the current business requirements, current resources available to address known requirements, and to identify additional requirements for information security and/or IAM as yet unknown.

We will validate current solution sets – comprised of people, processes and technologies – within the organization to ascertain whether the requirements can be achieved through process improvement, or through existing technology already owned by the organization, and/or if new product acquisition will be necessary.

Analyze Requirements & Resources

IDMWORKS will analyze and rank the IAM issues and requirements, map the existing resources (human and technological) to their ability to deliver solutions, and will create an initial plan of action that is both pragmatic and cost effective to the organization.

Develop Roadmap

IDMWORKS will create an ideal future state architecture for your organization that will define what can reasonably be accomplished incrementally within a phased long-term roadmap to successfully address the organization’s security services needs and vision.

This blueprint may include the implementation of several core identity & access management component processes, procedures and/or technologies to build a solid identity & access management services framework to support more efficient, more secure and more effective delivery of security services in the future.