Solving the Joiner, Mover, Leaver Challenge with Lifecycle Automation

Decades into our Identity and Access Management journey, and the very basic identity lifecycle (joiner, mover, leaver) is still a huge headache for IAM teams of all sizes.

Ready to tackle the identity lifecycle challenge? Take a break and join our IAM Pro session as we discuss how to automate how users are created in all your IT systems, how identity and access is managed as users change roles and how you handle the clean-up after users leave. 

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November 10th @ 2:00PM ET


Join this session with Okta and IDMWORKS to discover how Okta Provisioning will help you automate the identity lifecycle and maximize security, efficiency and productivity.

  • Eliminate the costly and error-prone manual processes associated with on- and off-boarding users
  • Eliminate manual errors with on-boarding processes driven by automated policies, and close security gaps by eliminating access immediately when an employee, contractor, or partner leaves the organization or changes roles
  • Show auditors automated on- and off-boarding procedures to help satisfy compliance, and take advantage of reporting to ease manual audit processes

When is the webinar

Date: November 10th

Time: 2PM ET

Duration: 40 minutes + live interactive Q&A

What happens next

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Get to Know Our Speakers

Micheal Smith, Alliances Sales Engineer, Okta

Micheal Smith is an Alliances Sales Engineer at Okta focused on Identity and Access Management, with over 10 years of experience in developing Identity practices across multiple verticals. Micheal has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry with knowledge of a broad set of technologies in Identity, Security and Datacenter, giving him the ability to provide a holistic view to any solution.