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Stand out from your competitors by creating a perfect balance of seamless user experience with superior protection for your customers and your business.

The truth is, most of the companies pay for a full IDaaS solution while only getting 20% of the value. That’s because standard off-the-shelf IDaaS service is a one-size-fits-all proposition. When done right, Identity-as-a-Service makes complex identity challenges simple to manage, reducing your organizational expenditures and minimizing the risk of a breach or regulatory penalties.


Cost-effective and Predictable Pricing

Enjoy cost-effective and predictable pricing of IDaaS built on many years of successfully solving digital identity challenges.

Self-Service account Management

Meet regulatory compliance, ensure transparency about data practices, and give users control over their data using features like Self-Service account Management and more.

Reduce development time

Reduce development time with proven, ready-to-use IDaaS solutions so you won’t have to worry about hosting or managing.

Single Sign-On

Quickly connect functionality like Single Sign-On to the web, mobile, or native applications at a fraction of the cost.

Be One of the few who gets 100% value from the IDaaS


Making Complex Identity Challenges Simple

The leading businesses use identity services not only as reliable protection against hackers but also as a powerful marketing tool.

To get the most out of your company’s true IAM potential, you need an experienced team with a complete understanding of the identity landscape which comprises five core pillars.

Identity Governance and Administration (IGA)

Your employees use different digital channels to access valuable data and do their job, creating an ideal opportunity for hackers to get their hands on sensitive information. That’s why access certification, segregation of duties enforcement, and identity proofing solutions are essential to ensure your full protection. Our IGA tools assist you in the Provisioning & Deprovisioning of users while automatically checking against Security Policies, helping you feel secure while your employees do their job uninterruptedly.

Access Management

Automate the identification process of who has access to what and why at any given point in time. Access Management is a scalable solution providing you with secure authentication while your employees can seamlessly access on-premise or cloud applications and resources from any device.

Privileged Access Management

Provide a higher level of protection to those with the highest access. Mitigate security breaches and minimize the risk of losing sensitive data by preventing unauthorized access to sensitive accounts and assets. While maintaining high security, PAM helps you balance mitigation efforts with operational efficiencies by automating compliance reporting and defending your Business against misused privileges or unwanted remote access.

Data Access Governance

Mitigate access risks, make access to data exclusive, and establish data access controls to ensure a strong foundation for your IAM initiatives. By drastically reducing operational costs and automating data authorization, Data Access Governance enables you to comply with security regulations easily, reduce data leak risks and secure large information assets such as identities and sensitive files.


Make sure your user accounts are protected while making them easy to access, use, and share. These activities are relatively uncomplicated, yet native directory tools make them time-consuming and tedious. The increased risk of human error could lead to compromised accounts or stolen sensitive data. Effective Directory Services optimize IT operations, reduce the risk of security breaches, and secure your user directory infrastructure. Our high-performing and adaptable solutions include workflow configurations, platform integrations, and directory management, ensuring secure and seamless creation, maintenance, and use of digital identities.

It’s all here. Start transforming your identity landscape TODAY!

Let your developers focus their resources on your core business while we embed proven CIAM capabilities into your apps, create an excellent user experience, and help you feel secured. Get the greatest possible value from Identity Management programs.

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