Maintain a secure IT infrastructure

Virtual CISO

IDMWORKS helps you manage data security

Trust a virtual CISO to help with standard security challenges

Your business is competing in an increasingly digital world. Operating in a data-rich environment makes your organization ripe for attack. Data security is the biggest threat your business will face.

Unfortunately, most businesses lack the staffing, resources, and training to manage their data security adequately. This challenge is only going to get harder, thanks to the constantly shifting threat landscape. Your information security team might feel that they are being pushed to their breaking point. IDMWORKS can help by offering virtual CISO services.

Strengthen Security Posture

  • Our virtual CISO services offer an unbiased assessment of your existing program and staff to identify gaps in technology, processes, or talent. We work with your InfoSec team to develop the right strategy and solutions to mitigate risk and mature your security posture.


  • The average salary for an in-house CISO is $220K annually, with $268K in total compensation. CISOs are also tough to find. Our virtual CISOs bring a wealth of experience to ensure one of your most critical security roles is filled in a cost-effective, scalable manner.

Unique to Your Organization

  • Unlike other virtual CISO offerings, IDMWORKS is focused on building the appropriate engagement and ongoing support model for your organization. Our flexible approach allows for fluctuations in your security needs.
Focus on growing your business while we focus on protecting it

MIDaaS and Virtual CISO Services Strengthen Identity Security Management

IDMWORKS is offering you experienced help with information security and risk management

Complex digital identity management solutions


IDMWORKS makes it simple for your customers, suppliers, and partners to engage with your applications with our Managed Identity-as-a-Service.

Your business is unique. There is no cookie-cutter solution for all of your IAM needs. Managed Identity-as-a-Service helps you provide your customers with the same convenience at work they expect when accessing their favorite applications at home. Maintain transparency while increasing customer satisfaction. IAM can be complex. Our Managed Identity-as-a-Service makes the complex simple.

You can waste your time wandering through the forest of identity programs. Or you can trust the managed service provider of choice for Fortune 500 companies to do this for you. This way, you can spend your time focusing on what you do best, growing your business.


The benefits of using our Virtual CISO services:

  • Governance: We ensure a high degree of security program governance, including ongoing program oversight and regular C-Suite and Board-level communication on top security concerns.
  • Policy Creation and Management: We have developed a rich library of battle-tested incidence response plans, IT security policy templates, and other critical security processes that can either be used as-is or fully customized to suit your environment and team.
  • Compliance Oversight: We support/oversee regulatory audits, help guide or review audit responses, offer continuous compliance management strategy or services, and provide comprehensive regulatory environment reviews, plans, and guidance.
  • Assurance Services: Your dedicated virtual CISO will deliver custom breach simulations to test processes and solutions, lead annual vendor SOC reviews, and deliver ongoing monthly dashboards with key program insights and recommendations.
Support and improve your existing information security team with ongoing employee cybersecurity training and up-to-date intelligence briefings.

IDMWORKS Virtual CISO Services Provide Ongoing Education and Training


A Virtual CISO Offers Cost-Effective Assistance Unique to Your Organization

IDMWORKS can show you how our virtual CISO services can address information security and risk management regardless of the size of your organization. An in-house CISO can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. IDMWORKS offers virtual CISO services that give you access to a wealth of security experience and can cover many security roles at a fraction of the cost.

Our virtual CISO offerings build the proper level of engagement and ongoing support based on your organization’s needs. Our approach is flexible, allowing our solutions always to be exactly what your current security needs require.

Customer identity and access management improves the user experience

Build trust with virtual CISO services and CIAM

Winning customer trust is hard. Don’t lose their trust because of failed identity security.


A Virtual CISO and CIAM Are a Potent Combination

When CIAM works, it makes visiting your website seamless and personalized. You can sign on with Google, Facebook, or Amazon. Just think of how relieved you feel when you go to your favorite website and realize that you don’t need to remember your password.

CIAM makes people feel safe when interacting with your website while providing a seamless user experience. If your customers are worried about remembering their password or are concerned that your sign-on is not secure, they will go somewhere else. You lose revenue, and you lose brand loyalty. Eventually, you will no longer be competitive.

IDMWORKS can help you create unique experiences for your customers that make them feel safe, secure, and comfortable when purchasing from you.

  • IDMWORKS can show you how to properly implement a CIAM solution and improve customer acquisition and retention today.

Protect the Keys to Your Privileged Accounts with PAM

Leaving your privileged access accounts unprotected is like giving cybercriminals the keys to your network or data.


Privileged access management

A smart thief knows that it is better to steal a copy of the master key than to pick every lock. Your organization’s privileged accounts are like that master key. That is why they are the target for cybercriminals.

Privileged access management lets you control the use and distribution of privileged credentials. Monitor and secure privileged accounts while not inhibiting your employees’ workflow. PAM makes it simple for you to grant or revoke privileged account credentials. IDMWORKS can help you secure your business with confidence, knowing that you are getting the most out of our PAM solutions.

  • Talk to us today about how a well implemented PAM solution can help mitigate cyber attacks and expedite recovery when these attacks happen.