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IDMWORKS Non-Employee
Identity Suite

Your Organization’s IAM Must Include
A Way To Define And Control Non-Employee Access

Companies rely heavily on network security to protect their data, but firewalls and monitoring systems can do little to prevent a breach when the access to data is not restrictive enough within the organization, particularly when it comes to non-employee access.

Additionally, non-employees may be subject to the same audit and compliance regulations as your traditional employees, so a central repository for anyone with access to your systems is key to clean reporting capabilities.

To help you define and control non-employee access, IDMWORKS now offers the IDMWORKS Non-Employee Identity Suite consisting of two core applications: the IDMWORKS Non-Employee Directory and the IDMWORKS Non-Employee Access Portal.

IDMWORKS Non-Employee Directory

Your organization may engage a variety of non-employee types: for example, vendors, contractors, students, interns, seasonal workers or even volunteers, and being able to efficiently on-board their access, extend their access and revoke their access is key to maintaining the security of your data and applications.

Just as with your traditional employees, your non-employees need the right access at the right time, for the right reasons, but because of the often transitory nature of non-employees, it is imperative that their access is updated when they leave or change roles so that they don’t end up as “orphan” accounts in your IAM system.

The IDMWORKS non-employee directory can also be used to collect and store the data that you need from each person based on their job role. For example, a signed non-disclosure agreement from a high level contractor versus basic human resources information from a volunteer, or the creation of a Non-Employee Identifier (i.e. NEID) used to track the non-employee entitlements and allow for a root cause analysis of any user’s accesses.

IDMWORKS Non-Employee Access Portal

The IDMWORKS Non-Employee Portal has an intuitive user-friendly interface and provides simple step-by-step set up screens. The portal comes pre-loaded with the most commonly used attributes and administrators can simply add or modify attributes and entitlements with no coding or database experience required.

The portal supports both administrative and self-registration of non-employees. With criteria set by the organization, the portal provides a single point of entry for a non-employee to meet all of the necessary standards, requirements and approvals before they are granted access to any data or applications.

The portal can also be used to delegate administrative functions to vendors or partner organizations to manage their employees’ access.

IDMWORKS Non-Employee
Identity Suite Features