IAM Strategy Advisor, Who Can You Trust?


It’s incredibly difficult to ask for. Not only because not only is it hard to accept that we need it, but because it’s even harder to find someone that we trust to give it to us. We search for years to find that friend or colleague that has proven trustworthy, and then hope that they have the time and inclination to help us.

Over my twenty years in technology, I’ve learned that it’s no easier for an organization than it is for a person. Baring your insecurities and your flaws is a painful process, but there’s validation in understanding that you’re not alone. Particularly in spaces like Identity and Access Management. Over the past few years, we’ve seen millions of identities stolen. Many, as a result of credential attacks. And we have a number of tools to assist us with improving identity assurance, to protect against credential attacks. As well as tools around risk based authentication.  However, you can’t seek what you don’t know exists, right?

Here at IDMWORKS, we have a unique position on things. Vendor neutral, we assure you we’re not out to sell you a bill of materials as it relates to a software and services solution. That’s not to say that we believe that all of these solutions are commodities, and easily interchangeable. But that means that we’re going to listen to your needs and your objectives to help avoid selling you a square peg for your round hole. We even offer an Assessment and Roadmap that is dedicated to helping you understand where you are today, collaborating with you to understand where you want to be tomorrow, and mapping out the road to get there. Broken down into chunks that are financially digestible. As many as you need, in fact.

We understand your skepticism. We’ve all been taken in by a great salesperson. But, with those experiences come wisdom. And the cognizance to understand when you’ve come across someone that you want to keep in your mind to ask for help.

Because asking for help is hard. It becomes less hard, when you’re comfortable with your trusted advisor.  We’ve made a living of being that trusted advisor. You’ve met us in Identity and Access Management user groups in your neighborhood, and at national conferences. We’re there to learn about problems that we’ve not encountered yet. And build relationships. Because, even those who live for the role of being a trusted advisor have one of their own.

Questions, comments or concerns? Feel free to reach out to us below, or email us at IDMWORKS to learn more about how you can protect your organization and customers.

  1. Having known and worked with Eric Anderson for the past 5 years, he is not only a trustworthy individual, but also one of the most highly people in the IAM space!

    Great job on the post!

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