Running a CA eTrust Admin Directory Trace

Running a CA eTrust Admin Directory Trace

Here is a little trick of the trade: Setting Up A Directory Trace

You can run a trace on individual Directory System Agents (DSAs) within your directory.  Running a trace will allow you to further dissect any issues regarding your directory communication, cache, size, or configuration.

[Uncomment the lines in your directory-name.dxc file (console-port and console-password)]

In the example above, the console password is password.
Reinitialize your directory-name server using the DAP tool dxserver init directory-name.
At the command prompt, type “telnet localhost directory-name”; you should see the DSA Management console appear.

Enter in your password defined within the console-password of the directory-name.dxc
At the DSA prompt, type set trace=all;
To return to normal, type set trace=error;
To quit the trace, type logout;

Note: The trace is extremely helpful in dissecting HAV (High Availability) configurations.


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