The Pitfalls of Body Shopping

The Pitfalls of Body Shopping

Being in the Identity Management services business, we get approached all the time by various body-shops looking to fill their clients IDM needs. A large percentage of these firms are looking to address their clients’ needs with cheap resources. When I say cheap, I mean typically less than a equivalent full time employee resource would get in this field.

The question is are they really addressing the clients’ needs by obtaining cheap resources versus spending a bit more money to obtain truly qualified resources? My observations are no, they really are not meeting up to the clients expectations. You may wonder how I can make such a statement, but time and again I see requests coming in for the same project after just a couple of months.

A few things could be happening here:

1. The resource is not qualified and is asked to leave
2. The resource recognizes that they are not qualified and leaves due to pressure
3. The resource leaves to obtain a better rate for their skills
4. The client may not have been truly ready to start the project and needs to do a reset

Regardless of the reason, the one being affected here is the client. When running a body-shop volume typically takes precedence over quality as does margin.

I don’t believe that all the companies that are contracting for resources are looking for the cheapest body, but more likely the best rate for qualified resources.  The real gray area in these circumstances is what does qualified resource mean? Unfortunately in some cases it means having the right buzzwords in a resume, in others, it means an individual that can pass a 5 or 10-minute interview with a non-technical manager.  The shame of it is that it can affect the rest of us through the inevitable loss of trust.

I have found that the typical complexities associated with Identity Management in general (and in a lot of other technical niches) require skilled and experienced resources to successfully accomplish a majority of the required tasks. Skilled resources have extensive experience, are high in demand, and can command a decent salary. This is where the rub is.  The old adage of “you get what you pay for” reigns supreme.  Can you really ask for a “junior” resource that has 10 years experience in the niche, an MS in Comp Sci, 20 years over all experience and can Architect, Manage and Implement the product stack?  The simple answer is, “No”, yet go speak with your average body shop recruiter and watch how often that comes up.

By stepping away from the body-shop approach, the end client has a lot to gain.

Case in point, your friendly neighborhood IDMWORKS!

By having an actual Team of resources dedicated to our specific niche, in this case IDM, we have a few advantages that become aware very fast to our customers.

1) Our team support each other the moment a need arises.  When one of our resources gets stuck they simply shine the internal Bat-Signal and everyone jumps in with their own experiences to jump the hurdle.

2) We have a repository and knowledge base that our employees have access to and contribute to. Why recreate the wheel or spend 2 days of Internet research?

3) We have weekly calls by practice and discuss unique challenges and determine the best approach for resolution.  Your projects are our projects and these discussions allow us to forgo getting stuck on previously known issues.

Looking to save money initially?  You can go the body-shop approach but in the long run, your cost will likely be more.

Pay a little more up front and you are more likely to recognize success the first time around.  This goes beyond us, IDMWORKS, as a company and speaks to any non-commoditized sector.  Buy into a team and the talent first.

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