Novell ATT Live Roundup Part 1: Novell Cloud Manager!

Novell ATT Live Roundup, a multi-blog endeavor on Novell security products. Part 1: Cloud!

Novell ATT Live Round Up Part 1

Location: Vegas Baby!

So a team of IDMWorks folks ventured to a little known town of Las Vegas to attend the 4 day ATT Live Novell Training, Update and Marketing summit. So what did we learn? Much like the Vegas buffets we had our pick of many tools, overviews and information sessions. Each of the IDMWorks team members (there were 4 of us present) choose a little from column A and little from column B. As such I plan to speak to the sessions I attended and what I saw as well as my likes and dislikes.

This will be a multipart blog entry, as such I bring you Part 1: Novell ATT Live Roundup – Novell Cloud Manager!

I guess after all my blogging about the state of the cloud space and the pros and cons it behooved me to sit in the cloud sessions. Interestingly I found out that the Novell folks seem to get it when it comes to the cloudview. What I mean is that the Novell reps spoke to the fact that many of the “cloud” offerings you see today are simply repackaged applications with no new innovation taking advantage of the cloud name (simply add in a dash of virtualization, a Web front end, some eye of newt and wallah!). From a marketing perspective Novell managed to show me that they could knock out a good chunk of the competitor’s cloud lines by using this simple fact.

The reps also understood where their Cloud Manager application was heading and in a refreshing twist of honestly let us know that in fact their application was a 1.x release and would not only suffer from that fact but would agree with whomever that, in fact, the product needed to mature. I couldn’t agree more. I have written as such very recently in this blog that while Cloud may be the “it” star of 2010 the CEOs, CIOs, and CTO’s are going to have a difficult time justifying the risk vs. reward at this point in time. Not to say that sooner rather than later this will change but for now the non sequitur I hear from almost every “C” level person I speak to is “not ready for prime-time” (which irks me about the same as such classics as “that is a slam-dunk”, “that product is dead on arrival”, and “that is a no-brainer”, but I digress).

What this means to me is that the clock is ticking on the acceptance of Cloudspace technologies. First come the bleeding edge crew (generation 1) that is in the process of Clouding up now. Then will come the quasi-early adopters (gen 2) that will pony-up when they see a mildly positive business case. Tertiary to the cloud will be the folks who see the actual business and technical risks go away that only comes with maturity (gen 3). This is the key group for the software sales and services side because this is probably 70% of the pie. Maturity will bring sales. The last group will be the late bloomers (gen 4). Thos who five to eight years from now will start to add in cloud services and will account for the later business on the downside of the elliptical curve.

As for the Novell Cloud Manager I see a big play in the works from Novell. Again this is a 1.x release but the insight and the technology is there. While I can’t recommend anyone use a 1.x of any vendor’s product I can unequivocally state that you should keep a good eye on this product and where it is going, especially if you are a gen 2 or gen 3 adopter.  As for the who, what, where and when of the product, I hate adding that in this type of blog entry,  so I am going to tell you to contact a Novell rep to take a look at the product and get a demo and to peruse the Novell Cloud web site. What you will find is exactly what you’d expect, cloud features.

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