ERPM Remote App Launch and Session Recording Tips

1. Overview

Lieberman ERPM has the ability for application launch using Microsoft RemoteApp on its bastion host to securely launch applications. Application Launching can be configured with or without the Session Recording component.

ERPM Application Launch Architecture
ERPM Application Launch Architecture

2. Prerequisites

2.1 Windows Server 2012 R2 (recommended), fully patched with licensed Microsoft Remote Services (RDS)

2.2 ERPM Web Service installed with SSL

2.3 Dot Net framework 4.x on bastion and transcoder host, and any machine need to run an application

2.4 Bastion login account with proper permissions (permissions to launch remote applications, etc)

2.4 Prepare the following supplemental install files: ERPMWebService.exe, ERPMRemoteLauncherInstaller.exe, FileWatcherManager.exe, IISMedia64.msi.

3. Remote App Launch Configuration

The following are the briefly basic steps, in real practices, the steps could be varied.

3.1 Install ERPMWebService.exe on bastion host, select specific user, using COM+ account.

3.2 Check AuthService after the installation, if the test window does not pop out, run the test by command “WebServiceTester.exe 1 https://[url]:[port]/ERPMWebService/AuthService.svc”

3.3 Install ERPMRemoteLauncherInstaller.exe, using deferred processer account

4. Session Recording Configuration

4.1 Grant MODIFY rights to Lieberman Source directory to the local WriteRecordingGroup

4.2 Add bastion login account to WriteRecordingGroup local group on the transcoder/hosting server

5. Demo

Click here for a simple demo.

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