All Java is Not Created Equal

All Java is Not Created Equal

The what:

Java & CA Identity Manager V12.5

The issue:

I got hung up with a version of Java 6.29 that should have worked with CA IDM V12.5 but on Windows, the IDM install was completing yet the JBoss startup hung on Analytics everytime.

The symptoms:

On Windows, CA IDM did not load thoroughly enough to do a clean uninstall. In the boot log there were errors abound specific to  ‘unzipping jar files’ but not much more to go on.

I replaced JBoss with a new download from a known good load to no avail.

I thought perhaps the Java version was incorrect. I uninstalled and reinstalled Java 6.27 but this only appeared to cause more problems.

The Solution:

In an effort to not have to wipe the box to change the Java install, I renamed the folder containing 6.27 to 6.29 and reset the Java Home variable.
The IDM console started up correctly utilizing the lower version of Java from the higher named Container.
The product release notes did say Java 6.X but this does not always guarantee compatibility.

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