Quick Setup Of Linux Remote Loader For SAP Drivers

When deploying the NetIQ SAP driver, it is recommended to setup a remote loader instance for the SAP driver.

The following steps will help the development team to quickly setup and install the remote loader on a Linux environment:

● Install the remote loader on the Linux server using the NetIQ IDM installation media.  The default file folder is /opt/novell/dirxml/bin/x86_64/

● Copy the SAP Jco3 jar file into the /opt/novell/dirxml/bin/x86_64/ folder.  You will need to contact the SAP Base team for the SAP Jco3 jar file

● Copy the SAP driver shim into /opt/novell/dirxml/bin/x86_64/

● Create a configuration file for the SAP driver instance  (see sample configuration file below)

● Use this command to set Password for the remote loader instance:
/opt/novell/dirxml/bin/x86_64/rdxml  -config /opt/novell/dirxml/bin/x86_64/SAPHR-Config.txt  -sp nove11 nove11

● Use this command to start the remote loader instance:
/opt/novell/dirxml/bin/x86_64/rdxml  -config opt/novell/dirxml/bin/x86_64/SAPHR-Config.txt

● Use this command to stop the remote loader instance
/opt/novell/dirxml/bin/x86_64/rdxml  -config /opt/novell/dirxml/bin/x86_64/SAPHR-Config.txt -u

Sample Configuration File
(ie. SAPHR-Config,txt)

-commandport 8000

-connection “port=8090”

-trace 4

-tracefile ./trace8000.log

-class com.novell.nds.dirxml.driver.SAPHRShim.SAPDriverShim