Logging into & setting up iManager

Logging into iManager is a little deceptive if trying to do it for the first time. You will need three items:

1.The eDirectory login username. In my case this is: admin

2.The password for the user identified in step #1

3.The IP address of the server. Using the Tree name isn’t always reliable I have found.

Once you’re logged into iManager, you can setup Role (RBAC) within iManager using the RBS Configuration Wizard (found at Configuration->RBS Configuration Wizard).

    • After restarting Tomcat, you should see a bunch of new stuff in iManager including “Identity Manager Administration”
    • Navigate to the “Roles & Tasks”, Expand “Identity Manager Utilities” and select “Import Multiple Drivers”
    • Create a new driver, giving a name of your choice

..more to come