Dealing with Mistakes in the Workplace

Unfortunately, as we all do, I recently realized in quite dramatic fashion, that I had made a mistake, a dumb call, a bad move to a group of folks that I would consider business partners and just as important, friends.  I am sure you have been there at some point yourself.  That moment that you realized you screwed up royally, your heart pounding, the sweat starting to show.  You holding out for a Reboot switch that you know won’t and can’t happen.  Unfortunately an apology probably won’t cut it in the scenario as much as you’d want to be able to apologize.

Try as you might you may have taken the wrong path and denied responsibility knowing this was the wrong way to handle it or taken the right path and admitted to the mistake.  Either way, in the end, you end up, more than likely deservingly, on the @#$% end of the stick.

So now is the time to remember we all learn from experience.  We all do dumb things, some dumber than others, but in the end mistakes are an inevitable part of life and if you don’t view them positively you will never learn and are doomed to repeat your mistakes.

As I reflected on my mistake I made a mental note of what not to do next time and to never put this one out of my mind so that I don’t do it ever again.  Ignorance may equal bliss but it will be short lived if you do it again as a result.

So dear readers, let me know what you have done to overcome a mistake and make it a positive.  You can sound off below (anonymously if you wish).