IDMWORKS Launches IDMWORKS Non-Employee Identity Suite

MIAMI, FL – (February 20, 2017) IDMWORKS today expanded its Identity and Access Management offerings with the launch of the IDMWORKS Non-Employee Identity Suite. This new auto-provisioning product significantly simplifies the process for defining and controlling non-employee access to an organization’s data and applications.

Non-employees may include (but are not limited to) vendors, contractors, students, interns, seasonal workers or even volunteers, and being able to efficiently on-board their access, extend their access and revoke their access is key to maintaining security.
An organization’s non-employees may be subject to the same audit and compliance regulations as traditional employees, but because of the often transitory nature of non-employees, their access is not always updated when they leave or change roles, and often result in “orphan” accounts in an organization’s IAM system.

Using the IDMWORKS Non-Employee Identity Suite, non-employees go through the authentication process and gain access to the data and applications they need, without having to provision an account to their human resources application or corporate directory store.

“Non-employee management is a problem because these users are not typically managed by an organization’s HR system. The IDMWORKS Non-Employee Identity Suite becomes the system of record for all types of non-employee identities.” said Todd Rossin, IDMWORKS CEO and Chief Strategist. “Our product solves the transitory user identity problem without having to bog down access management stores, such as Active Directory, or resorting to manual spreadsheet tracking of identities.”

The IDMWORKS Non-Employee Identity Suite supports both administrative and self-registration of non-employees. Its portal provides a single point of entry for a non-employee to meet all of the necessary standards, requirements, vetting and approvals before they are granted access to any data or applications.

The IDMWORKS Non-Employee Identity Suite integrates with all IAM vendor solutions and virtually any 3rd party application to work with an organization’s registered identities. This can range from basic authentication and authorization to advanced IAM management activities like identity reconciliation, attribute management, entitlement assignment, and password synchronization.

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