Your IT Toolbox: Javadoc-style Documentation for PL/SQL

Your IT Toolbox: Javadoc-style Documentation for PL/SQL

Have you ever found yourself needing to generate documentation for your PL/SQL code? The most common type of PL/SQL documentation might be a PL/SQL package spec, which isn’t really useful in understanding how the code works. Other languages, such as Java, benefit from automated documentation generation tools like Javadocs and Doxygen. PL/SQL developers get left behind, right?


There exists a really useful utility for automated Javadocs-style documentation generation called HyperSQL (not to be confused with the HyperSQL RDMS, which is obviously something completely different).

Download the tool here.

Using the utility is simple: document your code (see the website for a style guide), export the package body (or bodies) that contain your code and comments, and configure the HyperSQL utility. Execute the utility from the command line and your output will be generated in HTML format. There are many options, reports and graphs that can be included in the HyperSQL generated HTML.

It’s a great tool to have in any PL/SQL developer’s toolbox.


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