IAM Lesson Learned #1: Clearly Define The Problem You Are Facing

Successful IAM initiatives start by defining the problem, not the solution.

As an integrator, we’ve implemented and deployed hundreds of software solutions for our customers. In fact, our company is divided into specialized practices, each with deep knowledge of the over 30 IAM software vendors that we work with.

Working with so many vendors in the space puts IDMWORKS in the unique position of knowing which specific piece of software solves which problem; and because we are vendor agnostic, we don’t have a horse in the race. This means that we can provide an unbiased recommendation of the best product or mix of products to solve your specific identity and access management problem.

But first, we need to know what that problem is.

Recently, an organization approached us about deploying an SSO solution for them. After listening to what they were trying to achieve with the software, it became apparent that SSO would only put a Band Aid on their immediate problem, and once we dug beneath the surface it was evident that what they really needed was a fully fleshed out IAM program. Our advisory practice was then engaged to create an IAM Assessment and Roadmap to identify and solve the real problem, and provided their organization with a detailed roadmap of how to secure all of their data and applications.

So speak with us about the people, processes and technologies that you have in place, and what is working and what is not. Only once we can define where the problems lie, can we determine the appropriate and most effective solutions.

IDMWORKS Lessons Learned Series

After 650+ IAM engagements, IDMWORKS has compiled what organizations need to know before, during and after implementing an IAM program. We polled our customers and our 150 IAM engineers, architects, and PMs responsible for their success, to draw from what they see on the job every day and boiled that down to a series of lessons learned. Every organization in any stage of IAM maturity will find value in these highly-accessible, technical jargon-less, universal rules-to-live-by to make your IAM program successful.