Certification Process in OIA

Certification in Oracle Identity Analytics

A few quick hints for the OIA newbies out there:

To Auto revoke user entitlements on certification end date:

  1.  Start in Identity Certification->My Certification: and click on “New Certification”  and click next. In the General tab enter the certification name and select “User Entitlement” as the Type (and if its incremental select the check box too) and click next.The Selection Strategy tab has many options to choose from. This includes “All Users, Specific Users, All Business Structures or Specific Business Structures”.  To add a specific users or business structures click Add and then click search to select the users or business structures from the list In the Period and Certifier tab has the following options,  “Business Structure Manager, User Manager” or a specific user can be selected.Choose a Start Date and End Date for the Certification Date.  If no settings are done at the  Administration->Identity Certification” page then Configuration Details must be checked

    From the General tab, search criteria can added

    The User Entitlement tab is where  entitlements and roles can be selected

    From the Reminder tab event reminders can be set

    From Revoke and Remediation you can perform Closed Loop Remediation however the Certification End Date should be chosen to revoke on a set certification end date or else you must choose Certification Completion Date to end on the certification completion run date

    The Summary Page tab allows you to Run Certification jobs immediately or else at a set later date. If the Certification is chosen to run now, a job will be created immediately and shows up in My Certification Jobs along with the name of the certification appended with “Jobs_Administrator_System”. In this case the name would be “Auto Revoke User Entitlements Jobs_Administrator_System”

  2.  Now log in as the Certifier and perform the actions of certifying and revoking actions for the users on Roles and Entitlements.