Complementing the Performance of the Core Request Service

Many times customers face the challenge of slow processing of Requests submitted via the Core Access and Core Provisioning product. This two products rely heavily on the Core Request Service which send SPML requests in the format below to the Core Provisioning Server.

Sample SPML


The parameters such as RequestID is used within the SPML messages are retrieved from the RequestItem table by the Core Request Service. The stored Procedure responsible for getting this parameters is rs_GetReadyRequests.

This stored procedure can be modified to only return a range of RequestIDs e.g. odd values of RequestID while an additional custom process can be developed to generate and send additional SPML messages for an even value of RequestIDs to a different Core Server.

The custom process could be an SSIS package developed to replicate the behavior of the Core Request Service and installed on a different server other than the primary Core Server.

Finally, an optional load balancer may also be used to direct the traffic coming from both processes to the appropriate Core server responsible for processing the requests. This is assuming that two or more fully configured Core servers already exist.