Your IAM Toolset: Tools for Manipulating Large Text Files

Your IAM Toolset: Tools for Manipulating Large Text Files

The Problem

Large text files such as log files, LDIFs or XML files can be awkward and painful to manipulate unless you write PERL as your first language or only use UNIX and Notepad and Word Pad freeze with large files.

The Solution

If you prefer a Windows interface:

Text Pad ++, EmEditor and Ultra Edit are not bad for files under 1 Gig. I prefer JujuEdit or HiEditor but for huge files VIM is the option to use with a VI like interface. However, I tend to use these editors just to view the big files and not to edit them.  There are easier tools for this (unless it is a ‘quick find and replace’ operation).

If you prefer a UNIX/LINUX interface:

You can utilize Cygwin with a bash shell to move about on a Windows box.  Cygwin can be installed with VIM, most Unix editors, FTP, and can tar and gzip files for easy interchangeability between systems but to really work with the files on replacing or deleting lines the old favorites work really well when you don’t want to take the time to write the PERL and Regex scripts needed.  AWK, SED and GREP are the usual ways to modify and delete parts of files and with Cygwin they are available on Windows. They really are powerful line text editors that can move through most files in no time. Even if you are a PERL whiz they are worth a look for those small problems within PERL code that will tkae you longer to look for than the fix needed.

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