What IDM Product Is Right For Me?

So you have a business and you want to leverage Identity Management (IDM) as a means of making your business more efficient either for your internal employees, your external customers or both, but you don’t know what product, or set of products, is right for you. How do you decide what is right for you when you don’t know exactly what IDM encompasses, what solutions are available and what they do? Sure you can do a quick Google search to see what companies and products pop-up, but it still leaves the question: which is right for you?

The answer is that there is no one answer. In recent years, as more and more companies have recognized the need for IDM, the IDM space has seen an explosion of new products and the growth of competing products. As automobiles became more popular, more manufacturers appeared offering competing models with various features and so it is with IDM today. Of course, there are the market leaders like Oracle, Microsoft and NetIQ (formerly Novell) that offer IDM solutions, but they are not the only players in the IDM field. Not to mention that each of them offer different IDM products with different capabilities like real-time account provisioning, single-sign on or web based request approvals. The options can be dizzying, making it difficult, it not impossible, to make the best decision for your company’s needs.

Rather than try to swim through the sea of data on your own and hope to make it to the right shore, the best thing to do is reach out to a group like IDMWORKS that has experience with not one, but multiple IDM solutions. Let us help you decide which solution best fits your needs and your budget. Proof of concept (PoC) demonstrations and technology assessments are common practices to help our customers find the solution that is best for them. A healthcare provider will have different needs than a bank, and both will have different requirements than an online retailer or an educational institution. So why not let someone with experience show you what your options are and explain what those options can do specifically for you and your business needs?

And the best part is that IDMWORKS isn’t biased. We work with many products and many vendors so we can be dedicated to finding the products and services that best fit your needs, regardless of who developed it. If we feel Oracle’s services are better for you than NetIQ’s, we can recommend them. If we think the best solution is a combination of products from both vendors, we can suggest that too. Since IDMWORKS isn’t “married” to a single vendor or product, we don’t have any commitments to those vendors to push their products over another, which is a great advantage to the businesses seeking IDM solutions.

Most companies know they need IDM but are not sure why or how they need IDM. IDMWORKS knows.