Training: The Key to Continued IDM Success

When implementing a new IDM product there is one thing that should never be skipped – training.  

Oftentimes training gets overlooked during scheduling or is cut out due to budget concerns.  It happens.  When you are coordinating resources and scheduling, most project managers focus on development, testing and implementation times, so training is not considered and gets left out.  

Training can also get cut out of financial concerns.  True, funds are finite.  Companies and departments have budgets that they have to operate within and training costs extra.  This means that if training will add a few thousand dollars to the cost of the project, that it may exceed the available budget, so it gets left out to make cost.

While this may work for the short-term, it can really hurt the overall success of the solution in the long-term.  Sure, if you have staff that is already familiar with the solution being implemented then is not as big of a deal, but that is not often the case.  Instead, it is usually a vendor or outside consulting service like IDMWORKS that is implementing the new solution on behalf of the company.  This is where the issues of budgets, project management and contract requirements come into play.  

Without properly trained staff the implemented product(s) is only half of the overall solution.  Post-implementation you have to be prepared for other eventualities such as enhancement changes, troubleshooting and general administration.  Without training these common processes can be extremely difficult, time consuming and potentially disruptive to other users.  

Luckily training is available, even post-implementation.  Most vendors that offer IDM products also offer training for those products. Some trainings are classroom based, some are web based, some are self-study, and some are on site, meaning that they come to you. Vendors offer training sessions throughout the year, so if timing or budgets are not available at the time of implementation perhaps it will be shortly afterwards, and you can take advantage of these steady offerings.

Vendor trainings are great for getting a general understanding of the overall product, but trainings offered by the vendor are often canned trainings offered by trainers, not developers.  This means that they will know very little about your exact solution, your requirements, your goals or anything specific to your environment.  The trainers are very knowledgeable about the products they teach, and can answer a lot of general questions, but if you are looking for specific answers to the implemented solution these canned trainings may not provide you with everything you need to know.

The best training will come from the people who implemented your solution.  When you think about it, that makes the most sense. Whoever was tasked with doing the work obviously has knowledge of the product, but also knowledge or your environment, your processes and your requirements.  That means that not only can they train your staff for general operations, but they can also train staff about specific scenarios and use cases that were addressed during the implementation, including specific troubleshooting techniques and locations that will ensure a faster response time and recovery if an issue or outage occurs.

Even if training is not part of the initial project work being done there should always be a plan to include training at some point.  I have seen solutions scrapped and replaced with new solutions at outrageous expense because the staff lacked the necessary knowledge and training to adequately support and maintain what was a valid solution.  

An untrained staff will grow frustrated working with a product or suite of products that they do not understand, and if they do not know the full capabilities of the product, could result in your company spending thousands of dollars to develop and implement another unnecessary solution that may have been available with the tools already in place.  

Don’t waste your money.  Get your staff trained on the products in your environment to get the most out of them and your IDM solution.

Don’t know where to start or what training is needed?  No problem.  Call IDMWORKS today.  We can assess your IDM solution to determine what products are in use, how they are being used and through conversations with your staff the areas of interest that require additional focus.


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