Special Passwords in OPSS

Just a helpful hint that may save you time, if you are attempting to configure the security store as a final step in the OIM 11gR2 process ensure that the PREFIX_OPSS schema password does not contain special characters.

The database and OPSS don’t have issues with it but configuring the OPSS security store via wlst.sh and the configureSecurtyStore.py may have a problem with special characters.  The shell you use may require escaping the characters, but the script (in some situations) will pass those special characters along as part of the password.

Attempting to escape the character does not work and will result in invalid username/password login attempts.  The command line tool does not seem to pass the escaped character along properly.  Save yourself some time and effort and either remove the special characters before you attempt to setup the security store or change the password before you run the tool and change it back after you run it.

If you setup weblogic using the password with the special character, then it will attempt to connect to the OPSS schema using that original password.

Hopefully this warning will keep you from pulling your hair out too much.