Identity & Access Management

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It’s No Secret That Identity & Access Management
Is One Of The Most Complex Enterprise Initiatives An Organization Can Undertake

Not only is it pervasive in the sense that it impacts every user in the organization, but challenges presented by cloud adoption, remote workforces, BYOD and mobile device demands, growing compliance requirements and complexity, and an ever-growing threat landscape equate to reported IAM failure rates as high as 70%. With over 600 successful IAM consulting engagements since 2004 for many of the world’s most recognizable brands, this is where IDMWORKS comes in.


    IDMWORKS recommends and implements the identity management solutions that you need to create the means to identify individuals within your organization to then establish control, audit and compliance around their access to your data and applications. This is accomplished by establishing user entitlements and restrictions.


    IDMWORKS implements access management solutions to grant only authenticated users entrance to your applications, databases and services. At the same time we implement the authorization process that dictates which data, features and functionality a user may access within those applications, databases or services, while preventing unauthorized access and incorrect authorization.


    IDMWORKS is vendor agnostic. We heavily invest in training and resources to maintain the highest level of certification for deployment and support of all of the leading technology stacks. This enables us to recommend and implement the right combination of vendors and products that are best suited to your needs.


    IDMWORKS provides a highly detailed IAM assessment – a future state blueprint and multi-year, multi-phase roadmap customized to your organization’s specific needs. This IAM roadmap is phased to show consistent quick wins with a quantification of costs and personnel necessary to accomplish the overall IAM goals, greater efficiency, and audit & compliance.


    Consumer/customer IAM (CIAM) programs pose a very different set of challenges than Enterprise IAM and are held to higher regulatory standards pertaining to customer data and consent. An IDMWORKS’ CIAM assessment delivers a well thought out strategy in a multi-phased, multi-year roadmap to provide your organization with more secure consumer identity and access management while maintaining a seamless customer experience.


    IDMWORKS recommends, deploys and supports healthcare IAM solutions. Healthcare organizations store huge volumes of sensitive information – from medical records to payment information to personal identifiers, like social security numbers and birthdates. Inadequate controls in IAM processes and technology can lead to exposure of this data and HIPAA, PHI and PCI non-compliance issues.

  • USER

    At the core of Identity Management is identity administration and user provisioning. IDMWORKS can implement identity administration and user provisioning to allow for the automation of user management and access to systems within any organization.

  • Single Sign On

    IDMWORKS can plan and deploy a Single Sign On (SSO) solution for your organization that creates an internal single account with a single password to grant an individual access to multiple applications within your organization.

  • Identity

    IDMWORKS can implement a federated identity management system that will provide single sign-on to applications across multiple organizations. A business case example of this would be using your intranet or Google gmail credentials to access your company’s salesforce.com account.


    IDMWORKS can help you establish or improve your access management by putting in access controls (such as RBAC, ABAC and PBAC) to regulate the access to your data to ensure that only the right people have the right access at the right time. IDMWORKS recommends and implements access control through services built around identity verification, authentication, authorization, and accountability.


    IDMWORKS provides the capability for your organization to authenticate users and grant them the authorization to access company data and applications. This is accomplished through access entitlements – carefully planned roles, rules and policies enforced automatically through vendor-based solutions. IDMWORKS can build these entitlements for your organization and implement the solutions to enforce them.


    Role management is a critical component in addressing governance and compliance requirements for user access to applications and data. Roles support compliance by aligning access privileges to user job functions within the organization and by providing a business context to lower-level entitlements and permissions, which can then be reviewed by business managers and compliance staff.


    As part of identity and access management, IDMWORKS implements and secures directory stores and databases for storing and making identity information available to the enterprise. This identity data management includes an identity data store and virtual directory.


    Audit and compliance components delivered as part of a comprehensive IAM implementation ensure transparency across an organization while supporting regulatory requirements such as FISMA, GLBA, HIPAA, SOX, and PCI Compliance. Consolidation of multiple application and services environments within an IAM framework provide an organization with centralized audit and compliance capability which significantly lowers costs, complexity and time.

  • IAM

    IDMWORKS can define and maintain an IAM governance model that will provide greater visibility into an organization’s users and their access rights. This includes developing a governance committee, comprised of business and technical resources, to oversee the identity and access management processes, including the creation and maintenance of standards and policies, execution and management of IAM, and prioritization of tasks and goals.


    IDMWORKS can develop a logical access certification model for your organization where managers and designated approvers review who has access to what in order to confirm that each user and role has access only to the resources necessary to perform their job function. In doing so, your organization can prevent users from accumulating unnecessary privileges and decrease their risk profile.


    IDMWORKS can enable least privileged access capabilities for systems and services in a consistent and supportable manner while increasing the overall security posture of your organization. Privileged access management functionality ensures effective and secure access management capabilities related to privileged account access to electronic resources.

  • Identity Intelligence
    & Analytics

    IDMWORKS can implement solutions for your organization to gather, report and manage critical identity and access information regarding who is accessing what and why. By integrating intelligent monitoring and analytics, Identity Intelligence & Analytics (IIA) can resolve immediate threats and improve ongoing provisioning and governance by applying predictive analytics to the identity and access data in the organization.

  • Data Access

    IDMWORKS can implement Data Access Governance solutions for your organization to deliver visibility into data that is without organization on your network. Orphaned or non-owned and managed data can produce extreme risk conditions to your organization by allowing unsecured information available on file-shares, SharePoint servers, document management applications and databases to be available for the taking.


    IDMWORKS can help you secure your corporate data and applications that may be accessed by a company-owned or an individually owned mobile device (BYOD) that is allowed on your network. The methods we implement to secure your data include mobile device management, mobile application management and access control models that lock down access through roles, attribute values and policies.

  • Cloud Identity Management & IDaaS

    IDMWORKS provides integration services around Cloud Identity Management and Identity Management as a Service (IDaaS) in order to allow for auto-provisioning, single sign-on, password management, and access certification services for your organization’s on-prem applications or to cloud based, Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, as well as to cloud based Identity Management applications and services providing IAM functions from a cloud hosted instance.


    Recognized by Gartner as a top identity and access management consultancy, IDMWORKS has grown our team to over 125+ IAM consultants, engineers & architects in North America. 90% of our employees are W2, average 5+ years of experience, and 25% have U.S. security clearance. Our team is at the top of their game and we are committed to keeping them there. Our proven methodology and approach leads to successful engagements and satisfied customers.