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IDMWORKS understands the unique challenges facing the healthcare industry when it comes to Identity and Access Management. We’ve worked with the biggest names in healthcare from BCBS organizations and other major health insurers to large hospital systems and medical centers, medical practices, labs and government agencies.

We understand what it takes to manage business-sensitive information and highly confidential electronic Protected Healthcare Information (ePHI/PHI) information. Healthcare organizations need to balance providing that information not only to employees and staff, but to external physicians, patients, members, insurance providers, and government agencies, while protecting that data from cyber-attacks and data leaks, and meeting mandatory federal, state and local compliance requirements. This, coupled with the strain of consolidation in the healthcare industry, adds to the existing complexity of IAM for all healthcare organizations.

Understanding The Challenge

All healthcare organizations, including health insurers, medical practices, hospitals, labs, and government agencies, process and store huge volumes of sensitive information – from medical records to payment information to personal identifiers, like social security numbers and birthdates. Inadequate controls in IAM processes and technology can lead to exposure of this data and HIPAA and PHI non-compliance issues.

A data breach or non-compliance issue is never easy in healthcare. Even small unintentional breaches of HIPAA can damage an organization’s reputation in the community or result in fines. Data breaches may also result in criminal activity, such as identity theft or billing and medical insurance fraud. And unlike a stolen credit card, patient data cannot just be shut off to mitigate the repercussions of its exposure.

IAM failure rates are high for healthcare organizations because many practices rely on individuals to manage complex processes completely by hand. Often organizations neglect to deal with faulty processes and bad data. They make the mistake of acquiring technology to mitigate the risks without taking the time to correct any known or perceived gaps in the process or data.

The result of this approach is that governance is ad hoc and informal, tools are put in place on a piecemeal basis, and responsibilities are poorly defined.

The Solution

PHI must be locked down and out of the hands of those that do not need it or should not have access. Healthcare organizations have many different user types, each with their own access requirements, which may include: physicians, nurses, medical students and residents, technicians, volunteers, administrators, employees, interns, providers, vendors, consultants, partners, and temporary staff.

IAM systems need to identify who the user is, what function(s) the user performs, and with which organizational department the user is associated, in order to automatically configure the necessary resources in a timely manner.

IDMWORKS is a vendor agnostic IAM consultancy with experience with all of the leading IAM vendor solutions, so we have the expertise to recommend, plan and implement the right IAM solutions for your healthcare organization’s specific needs.

Our IdentityForge healthcare connectors auto-provision to medical applications, including Epic and Cerner, and other IAM, HR & CRM systems and our Non-Employee Identity Suite extends your IAM technology to cover non-employees.