Identity & Access Management

User Provisioning

Identity Administration and User Provisioning Are The Backbone of Identity Management

Provisioning implements an identity lifecycle for users, and with more and more users granted access to systems and applications, from full-time employees to short-term help, it is crucial for an organization to have a process in place to manage those identities.

Identity Administration and User Provisioning Service Capabilities

Identity administration and user provisioning provide a set of processes and an infrastructure to support the creation and maintenance of identity. This includes attributes, credentials, and entitlements and the secure facilitation of access to IT assets for various user populations from different channels, including intranet, extranet, Internet, mobile devices, and more.

It is critical to the health of the overall IAM infrastructure that the identity and entitlement information held in authoritative identity repositories be accurate and of high quality.

Identity and policy administration services include centralized, delegated, and self-service administration, as well as workflow approval. These services also include the ability to programmatically update identity information from existing authoritative sources of data or to make arrangements to obtain just-in-time identity assertions from a third party.