OIM Post Install: Audit & Compliance Module

Recently while building a test instance of OIM 10g (to be used to test out an OIM 11g upgrade process for a customer) I was reading the documentation and going through the steps to upgrade from OIM to and I found something I hadn’t noticed before that may come in handy for the OIM IDM gurus out there.   Sometimes when an environment has been set up IDM engineers do not install the Audit and Compliance Module.  Maybe, in a rush, it was missed or it just wasn’t needed.  But the environment is up, the upgrade to 11g is a bit away and someone needs to audit the system and it’s just not there.

I had Googled (past tense of Google) around and hadn’t seen much on how to add in the Audit and Compliance Modules post install and had assumed that it would have to wait until the upgrade to 11g whenever that would be.  Then I found this line in the upgrade documentation for,

“If you are not using the Audit and Compliance Module and if you want to enable it for release, perform the following steps as appropriate foryour database

Log in to SQL*Plus with the credentials of the Oracle Identity Manager database schema owner.

Run thePATCH/db/oracle/Scripts/Oracle_Enable_XACM.sql script.”

This can be run anytime and will allow the Audit and Compliance components to be added quite easily.