Aveksa Post Unification Customization

Often times our clients want to create another identity attribute that is “calculated“.  Maybe this is an overall status, or perhaps it’s an overall supervisor.  Either way, you can implement a customization to accomplish this (and it’s a little complicated so I have two sets of instructions, one for the business user, and the other for the technical user).

Business Instructions:

  1. Inventory the custom attributes that you would like to aggregate / evaluate (typically in the form of CUS_ATTR_CAS_1##)
  2. Develop a SQL query that does what you need to do with these attributes
  3. Put the SQL query in the correct package file
  4. Import the changes into the database
  5. Test your changes

Technical Instructions:

  1. Login to your database instance, query the database to find out the names of the attributes that you’re interested in: e.g. select * from t_extensible_schema_columns where display_name like’%status%’;
  2. Develop the SQL query based on these attributes that does what you need.
  3. Create the following directory: ~oracle/database/packages/custom
  4. Copy over the .pkb and .pks files into this custom directory and add your changes to the .pkb file
  5. Launch sqlplus from the custom directory and login as AVUSER
  6. Now import the .pkb and .pks scripts as follows: @’your_package_name’_Pkg.pks;         @’your_package_name’_Pkg.pkb;
  7. Now you can log back into the GUI and test your changes

For further information or to arrange an initial consultation, contact IDMWorks to discuss how we can help with a solution to address your needs.