Getting The Most Out Of Your Aveksa/IMG investment

Are you maximizing your Aveksa/IMG investment by extending it to your most important compliance applications and providing automated provisioning and real-time data?

Using RACF as an example, the current Aveksa/IMG connector provides RACF data using a File and FTP approach, which can be a slow and arduous and does not provide provisioning capabilities. We recognized that some organizations need a more robust RACF integration for Aveksa/IMG so we developed connectors for integration with provisioning capabilities like:

  • ADD
  • ALT

Our solution leverages Aveksa’s included LDAP Adapter for easy of deployment by an organization’s engineers without them having to learn yet another new technology. Our gateway (LDAP & SCIM protocol, interface) for the mainframe (and many other targets) helps automate provisioning, and provides real-time or near-real time reconciliation and attestation data to enhance and improve IDM initiatives with Aveksa/IMG.

Installing and deploying only takes minutes and leverages standards where appropriate. For example, our gateway is pure-Java and only requires a JVM, and our mainframe agents utilize standard native z/OS functionality and configurations to provide the best possible solution and to help alleviate administration overhead.

Because we leverage standard protocols (LDAP & SCIM), we provide an open, vendor-neutral gateway for bi-directionally data translations between the RSA/Aveksa and over 40 platform integrations, like IBM Mainframe Security Managers, HP NonStop, and ServiceNow.