Custom Functionality Requests for Identityforge Nonstop Adapter Benefit All Users

We always receive requests for custom functionality here at IdentityForge. Sometimes meeting these needs are easy, other times it requires us to change our outlook. On occasion we get a request that we know will benefit our other customers as well, no matter what industry or space they reside in.

A recent request boiled down to some very simple improvements on our end that for some of our clients would enable huge boulders to be moved.

We have this large financial client in Asia and they came to us requesting help with a laundry list of hurdles and game stoppers. The more we talked about the conditions they faced the easier the solutions presented themselves to us. The overall solutions offered were as follows; full lifecycle management of remote passwords and the automatic generation of UID for user creation.

Now I know what you are thinking … “So what’s the big deal and what makes this any different than almost every custom request?” Well here is your answer …

The latest updates to the IdentityForge ForgeIE for NonStop include full CRUD operations for RemotePasswords, allowing you set them on a per-NODE basis thereby allowing full life-cycle management for users and their remotepasswords. We think that is a big deal and so did our client.

Another new feature we developed was the Next Available Unique ID (UID #) when searching a group, this allows you to know what UID Number to assign a new user when Provisioning it to that Group removing any need for manual intervention. Our client has been using this functionality now going on 6 months without a hitch.

Also the inclusion of a new admin UI is making the configuration much easier and speeds up golive events.

On top of that we support some newly certified integration with CyberArk, Sailpoint, and Cloud Access providing OOTB benefits of these systems which are seen instantly from a Governance and PCI Auditing standpoint. All this is achieved by allowing the function of; Search, Create, Update, and Delete of Users across the enterprise. We keep developing new integrations so there is no lost functionality when our clients change vendors.

If these new benefits don’t catch your attention then maybe this will:

If our client had developed this functionality on their own it would have not only been cost prohibitive for them, but they would have had a difficult time keeping up with making modifications to the code every time a vendor version changed, or there were new certifications, or in response to other security risks.

None of these things are an issue for our clients because we automatically make those updates.