How to Create Custom Challenge Questions in Oracle Identity Manager 11g

How to Create Custom Challenge Questions in Oracle Identity Manager 11g

When you move from OIM 9.x to OIM 11g, you are going to encounter a learning curve – some things are just different. There are big things like SOA approvals and the redesigned web app, and then there are minor things like setting custom challenge questions. In OIM 9.x, if you wanted to add a custom challenge question, it was a simple matter of modifying the lookup called “Lookup.WebClient.Questions“. However, if you try to do this in OIM 11g, you’ll start seeing some strange errors when you login through the UI or if you try to use the API to set challenge questions, such as “Caused by: java.util.MissingResourceException: Can’t find resource for bundle java.util.PropertyResourceBundle, key global.Lookup.WebClient.Questions.What-is-your-favorite-color?“.

The solution is pretty simple, even if it’s not totally obvious. It turns out that if you add custom challenge questions to OIM 11g in the Lookup.WebClient.Questions lookup, you have to add corresponding properties for localization support. The properties file is called located in Oracle_IDM1/server/customResources (replace lang with your language identifier, for example for English).

Here’s how an entry might look:

global.Lookup.WebClient.Questions.What-is-your-favorite-color?=What is your favorite color?

Once you add a property for each new question, simply restart OIM and you’re good to go.


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