Setting up Global Setup controls for the Identity Tracking Solution Pack on Sentinel 7.4

After installing the Sentinel Identity Tracking solution pack, page 13 step 8 of the installation document tells you to “Select the Create PDF button to generate complete, detailed PDF documentation for this Solution Pack”.  Page 5 Of this document talks about Solution Pack Controls, and the first sentence in the Description section says “The Global Setup control should be implemented before anything else in the Solution Pack.”  It does not provide any insight into how to do this though, and my search of Sentinel documentation didn’t seem to provide any help with this either.

In order to fulfill the first step the Identity Tracking solution pack control documentation gives you you must follow the following steps.

Open the Solution Packs Manager, from the Configuration menu of the Sentinel Control Center.
Note: Step 3 of the above reference installation document, tells you start this using Tools > Solution Packs from the menu.  This is incorrect, at least in Sentinel 7.4.

Click the Configuration tab

Click the Configuration menu and choose Solution PacksSenCC-ConfigMenu

In Solution Packs  Manager, click Sentinel Core Solution Pack and click the open yellow folder on the action bar.

Under Solution Pack Controls, Global Setup is the first item.

Create a PDF for the Sentinel Core Solution Pack and follow the directions to implement and test the Global Setup control