How to Install RSA IMG on a RedHat 6.6 Operating System

Below are a list of Operating systems that the RSA IMG application will install on. The RSA IMG will also install on a RHEL 6U6 os version, there is only one place that you will have to modify so that the installation script will perform the install.

  1. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11
  2. SP3
  3. RHEL 5u8
  4. RHEL 5u9
  5. RHEL 5u10
  6. RHEL 6
  7. RHEL 6u1
  8. RHEL 6u2
  9. RHEL 6u3
  10. RHEL 6u4
  11. RHEL 6u5

How to correct the version issue when installing V6.9.1 on a RedHat OS version 6.6

Description of the error: When installing aveksa version 6.9.1 on a redhat os version 6.6 I had to make the following change for the installation to work.

Here is the fix I made to to make Aveksa 6.9.1 deployment to work. All the hosts are currently on Redhat version 6.6 but the deploy script doesn’t have 6.6 on it. So I added “6.6” manually to make it work.

[root@zzzzzzdev01 deploy]# grep 6.5
“5.8”|”5.10″|”6.4″|”6.5″|”6.6″ )
“5.3”|”5.8″|”5.10″|”6.1″|”6.2″|”6.3″|”6.4″|”6.5″|”6.6″ )
[root@zzzzzzdev01 deploy]# pwd