Installing OIM Design Console Separately From Your Server

As of OIM 11g R2, Design Console is still required for some functionality (although it is reportedly being phased out with its functionality being rolled into the web-based system admin app). Starting with OIM 11g, there was no longer a standalone installer for Design Console. Instead, you must install the full IAM suite and configure only the Design Console component. However, a problem arises when you want to install into a Middleware Home that does not already contain Weblogic. If you’re installing into a new Middleware Home, for example /apps/oracle/Middleware/, and Weblogic has not already been installed, you will see this error:

At first glance, one might think that you have to install Weblogic. However, this is a workaround that’s quick and painless. It turns out the installer is merely checking that the directory is not empty! Simply create a dummy file in your desired Middleware Home location and the installer will proceed normally.