Integration with Jira ticketing system in Lieberman ERPM

Lieberman Enterprise Password Manager (ERPM) provides discovery and management for privileged identities, and integrate with ticketing system like Jira, ServiceNow, etc.

1, Make sure JIRA REST API is working properly

We can use POSTMAN REST client to have a test followed by the example from JIRA API tutorials.

The following are some screen shots from testing.

Create a new issue:

create a new issue

Update an issue:

update the issue

2, Connect to JIRA

Open ERPM console, select settings -> Extension Components -> JIRA, now we are at JIRA configure settings

Fill in User, Password and server, the url for the server should be http[s]://[domain]:[port]/rest/api/latest/

In default panel, make sure the issue type you typed in is existed in Jira, otherwise we will get the error:

Error: Create New Issue Failed: {"errorMessages":[],"errors":{"issuetype":"valid issue type is required"}}


After having all the information, click test button. You should see test information window with the message: login server success.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 5.20.52 PM

Click ok to continue. Create a test issue?

create a test issue

By click yes, a test issue with default settings will be create in JIRA system.Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 12.22.58 PM

3, Configure Event Sink

An event sink can be triggered by the defined actions, such as password check out, password request, job failed,job cancelled. The purpose of the Event Sink system is to provide a mechanism where the ERPM can integrate with other third party systems, to allow the administrator to take actions or receive alerts when events occur.

Open ERPM console, settings -> Extension Components -> Configure Event Sinks, click new the button. We can select the events which will trigger JIRA from ERPM.

4, Install integrationComponents.msi

If you are launching the ERPM PWCWEB on the same server as ERPM console, skip this step. This step is only for remote web server.

5, A walk-around step 

In order to have the remote web server working properly with JIRA integration, we have to do this walk-around step until the official solution released by Lieberman.

5.1,  In stall a local web server

5.2, Follow the step 2, to connect ERPM with JIRA

5.3, Copy the following folder to remote web server:


5.4, Registry export on local web server:

HKLMSoftwareWoW6432NodeLiebermanLiebSoft Generic Events COM ServerEventSinks

5.5, Registry import in remote web server

5.6, restart COM+ application on remote web server, cmd -> dcomcnfg