Mixed Environment Novell/Net IQ IDM 4 Upgrades

Mixed Environment Novell/Net IQ IDM 4 Upgrades

Over the course of time software requires an upgrade.  Whether the upgrade is due to a need for new functionality, support requirements, or just simply a business desire to stay current the need to perform upgrades is unavoidable.

Novell has introduced a very, very simple method of installing their latest version, IDM 4.  In addition to adding several new features to the Novell IDM environment there is a very handy little feature that allows for IDM 4 environments to exist within an environment including the previous version of IDM 3.7.  This means that the upgrade can be done one server at a time to minimize down time, implementation time and overall headaches.

Even in a mixed environment most of the new features of IDM 4 are available however there are important difference between having a mixed environment with multiple IDM versions and having an environment that is only IDM 4. The key difference is the Novell User Application.  The Novell User Application requires a corresponding driver in the driver set, however, you cannot have an IDM 4 User Application driver in the mixed environment.  The IDM 4 User Application driver requires the use of “packages”, a new feature in IDM 4.

At issue is that, in a mixed environment, packages are not supported.  Packages are only supported in a full IDM 4 environment.  If you want to run a mixed environment you must retain the previous version of Novell User Application.  If your upgrade plan is to eventually phase out or upgrade all of the old IDM version to IDM 4 you will be able to use the new User Application once all of the eDirectory instances have been successfully upgraded.

The Novell upgrade documentation is packed full of useful information about to how to perform these types of upgrades and all of the features that are supported through this approach but be careful for potential missteps.

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