Common OID 11g Installation Issue on MSWin 2K8r2 Server

Common OID 11g Installation Issue on MSWin 2K8r2 Server

If you’re configuring OID 11g on a Windows 2008r2 server, you might encounter a strange behavior when running config.bat when OID tries to start – Start Oracle Internet Directory: Failed” – After digging through the logs, you’ll indeed find errors related to starting OIDLDAPD.

It turns out it’s an easy fix.

You’ll need to install the Microsoft Loopback adapter on the server. Here’s how:


  •  Go to Device Manager
  •  Right-click on the computer name at the top of window and choose “Add Legacy Hardware” then click NEXT
  •  Select “Install the hardware I manually select from a list (Advanced)
  •  Scroll down and select “Network Adapters” in the list of hardware types, and click NEXT
  •  A list of devices will appear in a few moments and you should choose “Microsoft” on the left and “Microsoft Loopback Adapter” on the right (see below)
  • Click NEXT and wait for the brief installation to complete


You may also encounter similar symptoms (OID fails to start), and these error messages in your sqlnet.log file located in %ORACLE_HOME%networklog:

  • Directory does not exist for read/write [D:OracleIDMOracle_IDM1log] []

To resolve this, simply create the directory logdiagclients in %ORACLE_HOME%.

In both cases, you’ll have to cancel and restart the configuration again.

NOTE – When doing so, you’ll have to follow best practices in removing the partially configured domain and assistance.