Common Errors in Configuring the RACF Gateway

RACF full connector has read and write capabilities on external application and allows data to send in both the directions. With the RACF connector being very sensitive, two main issues could possibly occur during the RACF connector Gateway configuration:

Connection Timeout Error

After the successful installation of RACF in one of our client environments, when I tried to test the connection it waited for almost ten minutes and then threw a Connection Timeout error.

The best solution is to restart everything. The process of restarting also has to be done in a specific order. Here are the steps that resolved this issue:

● Shutdown the gateway
● Inform the RACF team to shut down and restart the CTSGATE agent on RACF
● After successful start of CTSGATE, restart the Connector Gateway
● Test the connection

Make sure all the details filled in the init.xml file for the connector gateway and the application xml for RACF application are correct

Connection With Connector Gateway/Connector Manager Broken Error

After having a successful connection with the RACF, when I tried to do multiple actions (for example, ran an aggregation and tried to do provisioning) the RACF connection went down, and I got an error message “Connection with Connector Gateway/Connector Manager broken.”

If the RACF side has any changes like IPL or network related changes, even though CTSGATE is still running, it will break the connection.

To resolve this, have the RACF team to restart CTSGATE and then start up the connector gateway to get the RACF connection back.